Aristocrat Mentorship
Business Leadership Intensive

For Entrepreneurs & Business enthusiasts


Aristocrat Mentorship's series Business Leadership Intensive program is a hand-picked and meticulously crafted experiential learning program and is an initiative of Aristocrat IT Solutions Pvt Ltd. It is a two days intensive workshop. The workshop takes you to a higher level of understanding about leadership styles, leading a team, marketing and sales, business development and business analysis.

If you agree that life is an one time opportunity and you want to leave a dent in the Universe, If you wish to change your financial future and become financially free, if you want to excel in your current business, if you want to bring powerful results in sales, marketing or in your business, if you are an enthusiast in business, if you want to become an entrepreneur, This program is for you.

Students who are enthusiastic in doing a business, people who are into marketing and sales, small and medium business entrepreneurs, people who are interested to become entrepreneurs, can attend this program.

Diving into the psychology of sales, marketing and business, the intensive workshop aims to demystify the concepts completely and make sales, framing marketing strategies and developing business a second nature to you.

The dedicated and professional mentors who are very well experienced and committed, not only instills entrepreneurial mindset inside you, but also experientially takes you on a journey to ensure you are well empowered to excel in your endeavors.

Your Takeaways

  • An in depth knowledge and specific strategies of business, entrepreneurship and marketing.

  • You will be part of a sound, vibrant, young business and entrepreneurial network.

  • Free reference materials will be given.

  • Post workshop support and access to many free seminars.

  • A benefit of learning from the experts.

  • A blueprint for creating a new business or sales.

  • A certificate of participation.

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Specifically these are some of the activities you will be familiar to do after the intensive


Frame unique marketing strategies for your business.

Be very confident in handling clients and maximize profits.

To start a business of self-employment that is very lucrative.

To be able to close any sales and be very comfortable in marketing with blasting results.

Be technically sound in doing and understanding all types of business.

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