Emotional Intelligence


Aristocrat Mentorship’s Life skills workshop series presents two days workshop on Emotional Intelligence and is an initiative of Aristocrat IT Solutions Pvt Ltd. Emotional Intelligence is a learned behavior. This workshop cultivates self-awareness, self-management, social management and relationship management.

We human beings are not logical creatures. We are emotional beings. Often, in life a parent fails to connect with the child, the husband / wife with their spouse, a salesperson with potential clients and a business manager with employees. In this era of knowledge, most of us are intelligent. However the pressure of our day to day life , inter and intra personal conflict lead us to negatively react and is charged with emotions, resulting in a destructive sabotage. But it can be addressed, understood and changed. This workshop gives you a standard psychological tools and procedure of converting such destructive reactive behavior to constructive responses (or) choices to act upon with.

Since Emotional Intelligence is an unfamiliar concept, this workshop takes you on a journey through science, demystifying the emotional center of our brains, to amygdala and how it differs from the logical reasoning centers. The workshop helps you break old habits and thought patterns thru’ the power of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). NLP enables you to literally present you with the amazing life you want by ‘rewiring’ your brain patterns. Our experienced mentors , will make your learning experience very interactive, fun and highly entertaining thru’ illustrations and exercises. The participants will have an opportunity to reflect on their installed new behaviors.


Who should attend?

  • School students (Age 12 onwards)

  • Parents

  • Teachers

  • Employees

  • Business Managers

  • Sales Persons

  • Entrepreneurs

  • and any interested person can attend.

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No prior knowledge on the subject is needed to participate in this workshop.

The program will be custom tailored for individuals.

This ticket grants entry on all days of the workshop and is inclusive of a delicious Lunch and Beverages.

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