Ruby on Rails


Aristocrat technical mentorship series presents Ruby on Rails program. It is an initiative of Aristocrat IT solutions (P) Ltd. It is a two days workshop.

Ruby on Rails is a web frame work built on Ruby Programming Language. Ruby is highly developer friendly object oriented optimized for programmer happiness suitable productivity language inspired for PERL Python, Small Talk and Lisp. The marvellous “Twitter” is built with the aid of Ruby on Rails.

What more? Grab this opportunity to learn ROR.


Who can attend?

  • The attendees must be familiar with basis OS functions such as file manipulation.

  • The attendees should have a basics understanding of structural programming, concepts such as flow control variables and parameters and function calls.

  • Aspiring programmers and people who seek employment with the information technology giants can attend.

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What will you Learn:


Introduction and Installation of Ruby.

Basic Ruby Language elements.

Object orientation

Directories and File handling.

Database handling in Ruby.

Rails framework.

Ajax on Rails.

Ruby on Rails – HTML forms and CRUD on Rails.

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